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Christ The Rock Church Sermons

Christ The Rock Church is a small, growing group of believers who meet at Lorain County Community College weekly. Christ the Rock Church was founded by Austin Hetsler (Senior Pastor) and Ricky Gantz of G220 Ministries.

We have preached the gospel to hundreds of thousands of people on the streets as well as apologetics and Bible studies. We are passionate about the spread of the gospel. But we are also passionately persuaded that evangelism is the responsibility of the Church scattered, not the church gathered. We have come together as a local body of believers because we, its founding members, seek to create a reverent place of worship that is unwaveringly faithful to the plain teachings of Holy Scripture. We have come together out of love for Christ and love for His Word so that we may pursue the Glory of God with all our might.

Pastor Austin Hetsler


I was converted as a four year old. Whenever I tell people that, I always feel compelled to defend the veracity of that claim. For years I have evaluated whether or not I was truly converted at that time, especially In light of the many excellent materials available on true and false conversions. However, there was fruit and it was immediate and genuine. Unfortunately, I was raised in a home that was at best quasi-Christian. When we are children everything is an experiential object lesson, none greater than the lives of those around us who profess to be Christians.

So my walk went through some very rocky times of attempting to reconcile the hypocrisy around me to what I read in scripture and simply living this life as a messed up kid in a messed up situation.

God is faithful when we are not, and He has granted me repentance through it all. My walk, my life, everything in me that is good demonstrates the undeniable source of that goodness. First Cor. 1:27, is the passage that uniquely qualifies “me” to be a minister of the Gospel, “but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise”. I am one of those foolish things.

So let it be said of me and my brothers in arms as we endeavor for the Gospel that Christ was in all and glorified through all. As such we reap what we did not increase, and we tend to that which “He” grows until such time, as according to His appointment, we have no more to give, Amen.



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