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A new date, March 21, 1844, was thus established by the Millerites. While devotees prepared again for the end, oftentimes selling off all worldly possessions and property, many others expressed extreme doubt, generally in a somewhat sarcastic manner:

End-World is the furthest region of All-World. The Dark Tower lies within End-World and thus Roland must cross through this dangerous land to reach the tower. End-world is made up of several different distinct regions.

End world includes Thunderclap, the dark land inhabited by Taheen and Can-toi where the Devar-toi complex is. Thunderclap Station, where the captured children of the Calla Bryn Sturgis are taken is also in this land. Thunderclap also holds Castle Discordia which holds hundreds of rooms leading to different worlds.

To make a long story short, the beginning of time, according to Kojève, coincides with the appearance of man. Before this moment, there is no time. There is only natural being, or space, and animals that inhabit this space. History starts when, at a certain point, one of those animals turns into a man. The appearance of man as an active, suffering, fighting, and working nothingness will introduce history and time, and in the process, will negate the naturally given multitude of beings for the benefit of his supernatural, ideal goals. Human beings open history, which will be the history of struggles, wars, and revolutions through which they actively change the world.

Recently, Miller released a series of images that shows what our skyline would look like if other planets were as close as the moon is to Earth. He has also created a compelling series depicting the apocalypse. While some of the end-of-the-world scenarios are pure fantasy, most are actually scientifically plausible.

Artists, philosophers, heaps of sand, novelists, sea creatures, playwrights, plants, architects, objects, speculative designers and scientists have worked together to imagine situations, to tell stories and to devise strategies for survival and peaceful cohabitation in the world to come. The result is a hypnotic and startling experience, one that exposes the trauma caused by the magnitude of the crisis and the disappearance of the world we once knew, but also one that speaks of the opportunity for change and of the pressing need for an intergenerational pact.

City Station is based on the conceptual framework proposed by the engineer and artist Natalie Jeremijenko and houses her Environmental Health Clinic. Set up in the district of Sant Martí and designed as a coproduction of the CCCB and Barcelona City Council, the Station consists of a series of infrastructures to carry out participatory actions where citizens contribute actively to improving environmental health. Activity takes the form of a series of recipes to improve the quality of the soil and the air, or increase green space and biodiversity. With the emphasis on the collective research and public participation that form part of citizen science, the Station has the support of the scientific community, and local bodies and associations. The Citizen Science Office of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona is also involved in the project, as is the International School of Citizen Science, where investigators from all over the world will be joining in with this collective effort.

In the world to come after this one, we will need a new pact between humankind and the rest of the biosphere. The existing types of relationship based on the exploitation of natural resources and the subjection of every other species to our needs can be replaced with others in which we all benefit. This is the vision of mutualism, which demonstrates that most relationships between species in the natural world are collaborative, not competitive.

It is now in vogue to celebrate non-Western cultures and disparage Western ones. Some of this is a much-needed reckoning, but much of it fatally undermines the very things that created the greatest, most human


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