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The Doors

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The Doors

Keep your home stylish and beautiful with decorative front doors. If door security is a priority, you and your family will feel safe and sound with a quality entry door. Material makes a difference when deciding on an entryway door. Choose from fiberglass, wood, iron and steel. Fiberglass doors can be painted any color or finish in faux-wood and are great for high traffic areas. Built to last, iron doors can be fancy or classic in design. We also carry a large selection of modern front doors, steel doors, farmhouse front doors, wood doors and commercial doors.

Step outside in style with our wide selection of patio doors, including elegant French doors and sliding glass doors. Patio doors are typically two side-by-side doors that open out onto your patio or deck. Patio doors can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room by improving air circulation and providing an inviting path to patios and outdoor decks. Patio doors are available as French doors, center-hinged doors that swing open to one side from center hinges or sliding glass doors. If you like sunshine in your home, our French doors provide lots of natural light. French doors feature classic elegant lines and typically consist of one or more panels. The French door panels usually consist of glass and are built so that at least one of the panels can swing in or out.

This door and its tiny ramp can be found at the Center for Puppetry Arts! At Tiny Doors ATL, our mission is to create free, public, and accessible art for everyone to enjoy. When the Center for Puppetry Arts applied for a door we were excited. (I mean, Big Bird lives there!) When we found out their building is made of special stucco that can't handle adhesives, we were puzzled about how to continue until someone suggested using a mini version of the Center's iconic ramp to anchor the door. Brilliant!! We think about wheelchair and stroller accessibility when choosing door locations. What better way to show that tiny doors are for everyone than to make sure everyone can get in! Door 11 is ready whenever you are, Tiny Friends! Can you see the face in the door

This door is public, all ages, and wheelchair accessible! This door will not be given a number because we require numbered doors to be free to visit at any time of day. You can visit this door with museum admission. You can also find it on our map!

The Atlanta History Center invited us to create a piece to reflect one of Atlanta's best known doors. Maybe you've seen it in The Hunger Games or other films This tiny door lives in a tree on the grounds, with views of the full-sized Swan House door included. This door was a long time in the making, culminating in our longest installation ever. We're so excited to finally share it with you!

Check out this collaboration with Lotus Eaters Club on the Visitor's Center at Centennial Olympic Park - there are THREE doors to spot within the piece! This is an exciting creation made by a collaboration with the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Center, and, of course, our friends at Lotus Eaters Club!

Doors4Home is a professional door company. Doors4Home specializes in residential wood doors, fiberglass doors and iron doors exterior doors. We also carry a large variety of interior doors and barn doors for your home. We only carry doors from top rated manufacturers offering the highest craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

You will not find our doors on display in the big box stores. We take pride in offering doors that are different by design and quality, yet reasonably priced. In addition, we offer our customers a professional sales team, providing specialized product support and designers' advice, a type of service you would expect from a luxury boutique.

The doors were first opened on October 18, 1935. Then visitors to the National Archives climbed up 39 steps on Constitution Avenue and walked past two rows of giant Corinthian columns before passing through the large, motorized doors.

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