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Hotel Giant

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Hotel Giant

The play of the game involves developing and managing a hotel. The user starts with a pre-made building to which they add rooms, place useful and decorative objects in the rooms, and set up hotel details such as advertising. Once this has happened, the user opens up the hotel to the public and starts to run it as if it were a real business. It is similar to the "Tycoon" style of game (Railroad Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, etc.), in which the player creates a system or establishment and then runs it.[1] Hotel Giant 2 offers improved graphics, more features and a new campaign.

The incident, first reported by, is said to have happened in June when an unnamed hacking group claimed they used social engineering to trick an employee at a Marriott hotel in Maryland into giving them access to their computer.

You probably won't want to check in to Hotel Giant 2, which is a management sim that could be summed up as convoluted and a bit cranky. This sequel to the tycoon game that was a modest hit eight years ago dumps most of the enjoyable aspects of playing a Hilton-like heir in favor of rigorous micromanagement. This isn't as much of a game as it is a total re-creation of life in the hotel business. In fact, it's so focused on the nitty-gritty that you'd have more fun taking overnight shifts on the front desk at the nearest Motel 6. There is a certain charm here that might appeal to the detail-oriented among you, but the game is so demanding that even the biggest control freaks will likely find themselves worn out after a few hours of play.

The core gameplay mimics the original Hotel Giant, as well as a score of copycat tycoon games last seen gathering dust in the PC games aisle of your local department store. As usual in these sorts of things, in the single-player campaign (there is no multiplayer; just the solo campaign, a random option, and a few sandbox hotels), you're a near-omniscient boss who is given control of a series of reclamation projects in various states of disrepair. Your orders are simple--get them into the black. You work on everything from massive elite hotels in desirable locales like Paris and Hollywood to rustic inns in the middle of nowhere. Just about everything can be tracked here, so if you like micromanagement, sit right down and stay a spell. The menus are extremely detailed, as well as loaded with all sorts of information like room occupancy, reservation rate, customer satisfaction, employment policies, advertising campaigns, and package deals. You can even delve into your market share to compare how you're doing against your rivals or get strict on the staff members and review their uniforms.

Refitting hotels is a major focus of gameplay. Guests always want something that you don't have, so you're constantly called upon to gut existing accommodations and lay down new rooms. The Sims-like aspect of dressing up your hotels is the most entertaining aspect of the game because there are absolutely tons of options here for room types and furnishings. You can add nearly anything to your hotels, from groovy piano bars and swimming pools to arcades and gift shops. Then, you can outfit them with an incredibly broad range of accoutrements like a virtual Martha Stewart. There are numerous choices for everything. Don't like the basic style of urinal for your bathrooms Spend a little more and buy the glitzy ones. Feel like a new floor Browse the dozens of carpet and tile samples to lay down a new one. Interested in some arcade machines for your game room Check out the multiple types of shooting and racing games on offer. Everything looks great, too. All of the objects are sharply drawn, and the sheer number of those objects ensures that you don't have to build the same room twice. Guests mill about amiably, eating meals; hitting the tanning beds; shooting pool; and even hanging out in the sauna, pouring water on the hot coals. It looks and feels like you're actually in


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