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(Dub) 1 : The Cat Girl Met A Sword

After dying in a car accident, the protagonist finds himself reincarnated in another world as a sword with no recollection of his name, though he remembers everything else from his previous life. Accepting his fate as a sword, he begins to seek someone to become his wielder, fighting and gaining powers. He discovers a caravan of slave traders under attack by a two-headed bear. A young catgirl slave, Fran, discovers the sword, and uses him to kill the bear. After being freed from slavery, she names the sword "Teacher", and the two embark on an adventure together.

(Dub) 1 : The Cat Girl Met A Sword

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An unnamed man is tragically killed in a car accident and reincarnates in another world as a magical sword. With telekinesis he is able to fly and learn skills by killing monsters. He decides to continue slaying monsters and become the most powerful sword in the world while waiting for his destined wielder. Elsewhere, a Black Cat-girl named Fran lives as an abused slave but dreams of greatness. One day, after acquiring numerous skills and great warrior abilities, Sword enters a forest where touching the ground drains his magic to zero. Unable to fly he is trapped for months. The humans Fran belongs to are attacked by a bear monster. Seeing her fellow slaves being slaughtered, she is desperate to help and spots Sword nearby.

Fran rescues an adventurer named Randell from a goblin ambush. Teacher keeps his sentience a secret and only speaks to Fran via telepathy. In Alessa town at the adventurer guild, Nell the receptionist, who keeps her dark side hidden, informs Fran she must pass a battle simulation, and the examiner is Donadrond, a powerful Oni. Fran and Teacher combine sword skills with magic, which Nell notes should be impossible unless Fran had two brains. Donadrond happily admits defeat. Guild master Klimt accepts her as a Sword-Mage. Fran sells some of her loot for a small fortune, earning jealousy from nearby mercenaries.

The dwarf, Garrus, invites Fran to his shop, explaining he is the famous Wandering Blacksmith of Granzell. Other adventurers are jealous as Garrus is notoriously choosy over who he sells his equipment to. After selling Fran enchanted armor, Garrus asks about Teacher. Teacher is worried he is not as strong as other swords, but Garrus reveals that what makes Teacher most powerful is his ultra-high mana conductivity; the more magic Fran puts into him, the more powerful he becomes. Garrus admits he is not skilled enough to forge a sword like Teacher, so he could only have been forged by a Divine Blacksmith.

Skill Taker fails to work because Fran's sword skills are borrowed from Teacher. The Dungeon Master attempts to assist the demon, but he refuses his help. Teacher remembers a Dungeon Master's summons cannot survive without him and tells Fran to aim her attacks at him, forcing the demon to shield him. Fran hurls Teacher at the Dungeon Master, but when the demon tries to catch him, he unexpectedly changes direction and impales the demon instead, killing him. Teacher's blade breaks in the process, making Fran think he is dead before he reveals he can repair himself thanks to absorbing the demon's crystal. They kill the Dungeon Master, making the dungeon disappear.

Fran is an extremely adorable, pretty-looking, petite, young black cat girl with dark eyes. She has short black hair; however, sometimes in both the light novel and the manga, she has dark emerald hair. She has black cat ears and a black cat tail. On her left ear she wears a golden bangle decorated with a single red pearl.

Fran was first introduced as a slave about to be sold and was being abused by one of the slave trader's lackeys. The slave trader then orders his lackey to stop so as not to ruin the merchandise; Fran was then loaded onto the caravan after that, she heard a voice, and then a bear attacked the caravan. The slave trader were all in a panic and instructed the slaves to act as bait for the monster; she watched as her slave companions were killed one by one before her; the monster then tried to attack her, but she luckily escaped and finds a sword which she uses to slay the monster, one of the slave traders arrives and shouts at her that she cost him a great fortune, he then starts abusing her while telling her that she will always be a slave. The sword kills the slave trader, and with Fran, they start a journey after she names him Master.

Upon reaching the city, Fran gains access to Alessa without much trouble due to traveling alongside a merchant. Parting with Randell, the duo headed towards the adventurer guild. Master scans around, noticing the stats (in particular attack power) of other weapons held by other adventurers being higher than his; Master expresses depression and sadness for being a useless weapon; Fran then proceeds to console Master, claiming that he is not trash and that she treasures him. Arriving at the guild, Fran heads to the reception table, stating her intentions of registering as an adventurer. The female receptionist gazes at Fran and warns her that she will be required to take a test and that the guild won't take any responsibility if Fran is injured during the mock battle in a disdainful tone. Fran was then brought to the training ground, meeting her examiner Donadrond a D-ranked Oni race adventurer with a buffed body; Donadrond remarked that he would not be holding back during the mock battle. Their mock battle began with Donadrond swiftly swinging his axe towards Fran, massively damaging the floor tiles upon contact, Fran retaliated by casting the combination of Earth Magic, binding Donadrond's leg and sealing his movement, and a succession of Fire Magic Tri Explosion chipping away the defense of Donadrond, Fran then proceeds to launch an lv7 sword technique, Dragon Fang, forming a massive blade thrust towards Donadrond's abdomen, sending the latter flying towards the wall crashing and buried in the rubble. In shock, miss receptionist expresses her surprise at how Fran was able to display such a monstrous demonstration of power in combat, remarking on her being able to dish out such a high-level attack despite her appearance. Fran then asked if she had passed the test, to which Donadrond responded by raising his hand and giving Fran a thumbs up as a sign of declaring that Fran passed the mock battle test with flying colors.

As the mock battle ended, Fran was brought to the Guildmaster's (Klimt) office for inspection due to the abnormal circumstances. Klimt voices out his concern regarding the situation and chastises Donadrond for taking the matter lightly with Fran, then claiming that she had given all out during the mock battle. Klimt attempted to question Fran regarding where she learned all her skills, but Fran refused to reveal it, which prompted him to use Appraisal but failed to yield results due to Appraisal Block, a skill shared by Master that had its level increased recently. Fran asked if she had failed, but Klimt replied that it wasn't the case the latter was skeptical towards Fran about if she was hiding any bad intentions, she was then brought to the registration crystal to register mana wavelength and job class selection. Fran placed her hand on the crystal, and all her compatible classes revealed that she was compatible with a very wide range of job classes; Klimt remarked that it was something he had never seen before and was convinced that her battle with Donadrond turned out to be such fashion. The receptionist girl (Nell) then asked Fran which class she would choose, and after a brief discussion with the Master, Fran decided to choose Sword Mage to strengthen both her magic and sword talent in form of mana and strength growth. Upon successfully registering, Klimt informed Fran that her ranking would drop if she were inactive, and multiple rank drops would result in expulsion. Fran followed Nell to the reception table while remarking that she would be sleeping on the street shall she not sell enough material; she then brought all the dismantled material she harvested from the monsters that she had slain during her journey to Alessa, which ranges from E - C ranked in an abundant amount much to Nell's surprise. After calculating the value, the sales result in 195 thousand gold in total, to the shock of both Fran and Master. While happily mentioning that she had enough gold to stay in the inn with a faint smile, the duo decided to leave the guild to look for an inn, only to be stopped by 2 beastman and a human adventurer with a sinister look that contemptuously insulted her saying that she is smelly and accusing Fran of being a thief who stole the bag of gold from her material selling earlier.

After several heated exchanges between the sinister trio and Fran, which leads to her anger and intention to kill them when they scornfully insulted her tribe (Black Catkin), the trio then questions Nell regarding the differences of prices offered towards the material they've submitted in compared to Fran's and accusing her of being unfair which Nell then explains the distinct between their poor dismantling process that resulted in the lower price and harshly rebuked the trio. In sheer anger, the leader of the trio slashes towards Nell with his sword but was blocked by Fran using Master, the beastman then claim that he had sold several children like Fran to slavery, a bold statement which invoked the fury of Master, instantaneously a sword art Aura Blade was unleashed by Fran severing both of the beastman leader's leg much to Master's surprise, Alerting two of his members to kill Fran, one of them swung his axe towards Fran only to be dodged and retaliated with several rapid kick of Vibration Blitz by her which rendered them unconscious causing a round of applause from adventurers who witnessed the fight as bystander, Nell then gave a thumbs up to Fran and praised her by saying that she did a good job. In desperation, the leader of the beastman trio plead for somebody to alert the guard on Fran to which Nell replied that the guard has been notified as she challenges the trio to whether if whose statement are more creditable to the guard between hers and the trio causing the beastman to tremble in fear while signaling Fran to leave. Upon leaving the guild, the duo decided to shop for some defensive gear for Fran and a dwarf suddenly grabs onto Fran's shoulder which then promptly introduces himself as Gallus, a very capable magic blacksmith that offers to sell defensive gear to Fran with a lower price after witnessing her fight in the guild earlier and not wanting to see her in a shabby attire. At Gallus's weapon store, Fran delightfully adorned her new defensive equipment (Mithril Earring for Cat Tribe, Flame Oxhorn Dress Armor, Paraclaw Cat Gaunlet, and a pair of Wyvern Boots), Gallus then mentioned that the equipment was imbued with magic to auto adjust to it's user's size and it was originally meant for a small sized adventurer that met her demise before he was able to complete it. Fran told Gallus that her budget was 150 thousand gold, to which he agreed to sell the equipment to her at that price even though the original price was supposed to be higher, to Fran's excitement, Gallus then revealed his true intention by asking a favor, to converse with Fran's Intelligent Weapon causing both Fran and Master to be astonished. 041b061a72


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