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Ea Sports Cricket 11 Mobile Game Free Downloadinstmankl

Ea Sports Cricket 11 Mobile Game Free Downloadinstmankl

Ea Sports Cricket 11 is a mobile game that was released in 2011 by Electronic Arts, a leading video game company. The game is based on the popular sport of cricket, and features realistic graphics, animations, and gameplay. The game allows players to choose from different modes, such as Quick Match, Tournament, and Challenge. Players can also customize their teams, players, and stadiums, and play against other players online.

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The game was well-received by critics and fans alike, who praised its graphics, sound effects, and gameplay. The game was also praised for its accuracy and authenticity, as it featured real-life players, teams, and tournaments. The game was one of the best-selling mobile games of 2011, and won several awards, such as the Best Mobile Game of the Year by IGN.

However, the game was also criticized for some issues, such as its high price, frequent crashes, and bugs. Some players also complained about the lack of updates and support from the developers. The game was also accused of being a copy of another cricket game, Cricket 10, which was released by Indiagames in 2010.

The game is no longer available on the official app stores, as it was removed by Electronic Arts in 2014. However, some players have managed to find and download the game from unofficial sources, such as websites and torrents. These sources are not verified or authorized by Electronic Arts, and may contain viruses or malware. Therefore, downloading the game from these sources is not recommended.

If you are looking for a safe and legal way to play Ea Sports Cricket 11 on your mobile device, you may want to try some alternatives, such as Cricket 19, Real Cricket 20, or World Cricket Championship 2. These games are similar to Ea Sports Cricket 11 in terms of graphics, gameplay, and features, but they are more updated and supported by their developers. They are also available on the official app stores for Android and iOS devices.

Ea Sports Cricket 11 was a great mobile game that captured the essence and excitement of cricket. However, due to its unavailability and issues, it is not advisable to download it from unofficial sources. Instead, you can try some of the newer and better cricket games that are available on the market.


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