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The Inhabitant Subtitles English [WORK]

Nalujuk Night is an up close look at an exhilarating, and sometimes terrifying, Labrador Inuit tradition. Every January 6th from the dark of the Nunatsiavut night, the Nalujuit appear on the sea ice. They walk on two legs, yet their faces are animalistic, skeletal, and otherworldly. Snow crunches underfoot as they approach their destination: the Inuit community of Nain. Despite the frights, Nalujuk Night is a beloved annual event, showing that sometimes it can be fun to be scared. Rarely witnessed outside of Nunatsiavut, this annual event is an exciting chance for Inuit, young and old, to prove their courage and come together as a community to celebrate culture and tradition. Inuk filmmaker Jennie Williams brings audiences directly into the action in this bone-chilling black and white short documentary about a winter night like no other. (Languages: English, Inuktitut; English subtitles)

The Inhabitant subtitles English


Four boat builders join forces to build a clinker boat of the type that was once predominant in the west of Iceland. The history and craft of the North European clinker boat and its many local variations are investigated with the help of historians and boat builders in the Nordic countries. (Language: Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Faeroese; English subtitles)

In 1917 Finnish explorer Sakari Pälsi travelled to north-eastern Siberia carrying a cinematograph and 13,000 feet of film with him. The journey birthed a unique documentary film and a travelogue. A hundred years later director Kira Jääskeläinen returns to the Bering strait in Pälsi's footsteps. By combining old and new film footage, Pälsi's notes and the stories of the local Indigenous peoples, the film tells the story of the Chukchi and Siberian Eskimos from the days gone by till today. (Languages: Finnish, Russian; English subtitles)

From inside his yurt deep within the heart of the Taiga, Bayandalai an elder of the Dukhas tribe muses about the significance of life and death in the largest forest on Earth. He is the last of the great reindeer herders of the Taiga. (Language: Mongolian; English subtitles)

Eatnameamet - Our silent struggle portrays the indigenous Sámi people fighting for their existence. The film follows the on going cultural genocide of the Sámi which the current Governmental politics allow. This film is a cry for help for the last indigenous people living in the EU. (Language: Sámi, Finnish, English, Swedish; English subtitles)

Follow a group of skiers, snowboarders, scientists and healers to the birch forests of Japan, the red cedars of British Columbia and the bristlecones of Nevada, as they explore an ancient story written in rings. (Languages: English, Japanese; English subtitles) 041b061a72


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