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Yes To Heaven But More Dreamy Lana Del Rey

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Yes To Heaven But More Dreamy Lana Del Rey

For the longest time now I have been searching for a specific genre/sound that fills me with the same emotion that Yes To Heaven by Lana Del Rey does. (In case you've never heard it > =jcrEnvyw-Pw) I tried listening to Woodstock Era Progressive/Psychedelic music but I want something a little less rock and a little more dreamy and soft like this song is. Can anybody recommend some artists/songs that you think might sounds similar, preferably with a female singer. Thanks in advance

That way the record would start off with a few more pop-ish tunes, all featuring featuring those trap-esque beats with all of those elements kinda "rising up" until they find their climax in IMF. Then there are WTWWAW and BAR as some sort of transition, since it they both have some pop-y unertones but already lean into the more dreamy and cinematic sound of the album's second half. Yosemite/YTH/TNC would make a folk-inspired, "fragile kind of beauty" trio and then we get Heroin, which heralds the start of the albums dramatic last moments. 59ce067264


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