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Pawn Shops That Buy Sports Memorabilia Near Me


Pawnbrokers are constantly looking for new items for pawnshop collections. Sports memorabilia items ranging from autographed baseballs to collectible cards and even jerseys seem to be always in demand. So, pawn shops value these sports treasures too.

If you are about to bring items that are autographed, it is helpful if you have certificates of authenticity. This saves the pawnbroker tons of time to be spent in assessing the value of your item. In absence of certifications, you can get a copy from trusted verification houses like PSA. Their website also has free tools for grading items on your own. Make sure you do detailed research to save time.

At Uptown Pawn, we buy, sell and pawn on all memorabilia, including sports, championship rings or belts, and autographed jerseys, gloves or balls. Stop into our location on Lake street in Uptown Minneapolis, MN or check us out online for the latest unique items we have for sale.

Looking to sell or pawn It is imperative that you provide a provenance, including auction records, receipts, certificates of authenticity, appraisals, etc. if you want to insure you have the best chance for a cash loan.

Central Mega Pawn should be your next one-stop-shop when you need to sell or pawn sports memorabilia, or when you are looking for those one of a kind items to add to your collection. Being in the middle of hometowns for great teams from every major sport means that we are part of a community of fans who are as interested in you are in collecting memorabilia of their favorite teams and athletes.

Pawn shops can be one of the best places to both shop for sports memorabilia and to earn a little extra cash by selling some of your own items. If you find a shop you like, and connect well with the staff, you can establish a mutually lucrative relationship.

We buy and make loans on collectibles from military memorabilia, collectible coins and medals to comic books and many other items of value! Come and find that unique and special edition you are looking for.

One aspect that sets us apart from other collectible dealers is the fact that we loan. Whether you have a few choice pieces or a collection, you can simply acquire an instant cash loan at Pawn1st shops. We pay top cash either way, buying or lending.

ARE YOU LOOKING TO SELL YOUR ENTIRE MEMORABILIA COLLECTION! We will buy it all!! If you are looking to sell huge lots or bulk volume contact us today!! Inscriptagraphs will even remove the items for you so you don't have to do the hard work!! Contact us today to sell your memorabilia to the largest buyer of sports & entertainment memorabilia on the internet!!

We are buying autographs from favorite movies, trilogies & series that include: Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, The Godfather, Back to the Future, Wizard of Oz, Titanic, Indiana Jones, Rocky, Gone with the Wind, James Bond & Disney movies / Classics!! Whether your autograph or piece of memorabilia is a basketball, baseball, bat, football, soccer ball, hockey stick, jersey, letter, historical document, movie poster, index card, photograph, photo, piece of paper, menu, cut signature, helmet, microphone, LP, album, disk, disc, 45, artwork, sketch, artist proof, drum head, guitar, document, historical letter, photo album, art work, cast photo, movie prop, replica, authentic, declaration, contract, personal check, game used turf, fight worn trunks, fight worn gloves, signed boxing gloves, signed boxing trunks, fight used canvas, game used football, game used basketball, game used baseball, game used dirt, game used floor, game used jersey, game used helmet, game used pants, game used shorts, game used stick, game used bat, original movie theatre poster, game used gloves, framed collectibles, concert worn clothing, super bowl tickets, world series tickets, nba finals tickets, stanley cup tickets, concert worn shirt, concert worn hat, game used suit, personal memorabilia, personal item, event worn item, event used item, game used hat, game used shirt or even a signed boxing glove, GIVE US A CALL!!

We are currently buying Disney collector's memorabilia like sketches from Disney artists, Walt Disney autographs, Disneyland Maps, Disney world & Disneyland opening year / day tickets, disney artists signed hand sketched drawing, original & authentic Disney store lithographs and art work, cartoon memorabilia, Disney hand painted canvas items that are limited edition or numbered, Disney vault items of mickey mouse, ariel from little mermaid, belle from beauty & the beast, jiminy cricket, minnie mouse, mickey mouse club, goofy, pluto, winnie the pooh, tweety, snoopy, popeye the sailor, snow white & seven dwarfs, cinderella, aurora from sleeping beauty, daisy duck, bambi, tinkerbell, alice in wonderland, looney toons, bugs bunny, simba, mufasa, scar from lion king, the jungle book, tigger, Eeyore, genie, jasmine from aladdin.

If you are looking to find authentic memorabilia near you that features sports signatures, celebrity memorabilia & entertainment framed collectibles make sure you check out Inscriptagraphs!! Buy your autographs from the best memorabilia experts in Las Vegas! Our framed collectibles are second to none and are the cheapest prices in town and offer you the best quality

Many pawn shops feature an assortment of musical instruments and accessories. On top of that, these instruments are generally offered in excellent condition! Wow the music-lover in your life with a classic guitar or some stylish drums.

Dynasty Jewelry and Loan has been purchasing and loaning money on sports memorabilia and collectibles in the greater Atlanta area in Norcross since 1987. We turn your unwanted or currently unneeded items into immediate cash, within minutes! The Dynasty Difference Means More Cash In Your Pocket!

We are experts in evaluating precious metals and collectible items. We are NOT pawn brokers. You can feel confident that you will be treated professionally and fairly. Our experts pay premiums for gold, silver, diamonds, and more.

An avid sports memorabilia collector, Hobbs drove from his home in Tallahassee, Florida, to meet Williams in Austin, Texas, where the former Longhorns star was finishing the undergraduate degree he had not completed when he left school for the NFL in 1999.

"Any time you're able to offer a Heisman at auction, it just doesn't happen too often," said Chris Ivy, Heritage's director of sports auctions. "The imagery that comes up when you think about it, it's the most recognizable trophy without a doubt, even more so than the NBA or NFL championship trophies. People, when they see the (Heisman), they know what it is."

Other Williams memorabilia in Hobbs' collection available for auction includes the Doak Walker Award and Walter Camp Award that Williams was also awarded in 1998; the football presented to Williams in 2000 when Texas retired his No. 34; and the 2002 Dan Marino Dolphins team MVP award.

Pawn Central is one of the few pawn shops in Illinois and Iowa that buys or makes loans against firearms. If you need quick cash, bring in your unloaded, cased, firearm into our store and we will make you an offer.

Do you have a computer or tablet you no longer need Or a mobile phone that is not up on all the latest technology Your gadgets aren't outdated to us. Bring them to any of our pawn shops for an honest appraisal and receive friendly, experienced customer service.

A pawn is a short term loan using a personal possession, such as gold and jewelry, as collateral for the loan. We are your alternative to banking because you cannot go to the bank and use a personal possession as collateral for a loan. But that is exactly what we do! When you are in need

I now have a favorite new program that not only fuses the best elements of these shows, but redefines the genre in a way that is apt to be gripping to collectors and non-collectors alike. Sports Detectives, a weekly six-part documentary series premiering on April 24t h at 9:00 p.m. on the Smithsonian Channel, hunts down missing, lost, or controversial objects from some of the most defining moments in American sports history.

Auction houses and appraisers say they are seeing surging demand and higher prices in the sports memorabilia market, particularly for baseball cards and other sports trading cards. A 1952 mint condition Mickey Mantle baseball card sold for $12.6 million on Sunday, a record price for a piece of sports memorabilia.

Corts gestured to a prized item in the shop: a guitar signed by all members in Kiss and played by Gene Simmons at Madison Square Garden last year. The pawn shop will have electronics, jewelry, music and sports memorabilia and much more.

Use our free map locators to find pawn shops near me, discover the best things to pawn for instant cash, and learn tips for choosing reliable pawnbrokers in your area so you can pawn or sell your items when you need cash fast.

If you need cash quickly, selling to a pawn shop or local jeweler is the way to go. However, if you are willing to wait, you may find that you can get more for your jewelry by selling to an online to a site like or CashforGoldUSA.

Makasjian says tough economic times have forced many people to rely on pawn shops for money and using their service is more preferable to dealing with online auction sites. Imperial Pawnbrokers is the only pawn shop in Brea.

When you want to borrow money quickly without credit checks and hassles, you probably own some items the pawnshop would be willing to consider as collateral. Of course, they want to see items with a high resale value, and they will offer higher loan amounts for things like gold or silver that have a market price.

In NYC and across the country, local pawnshops have been providing fast personal loans to the community for generations. Each one earns a reputation over time. Of course, you want a pawnshop that customers trust to be fair and discreet when they need a loan. How do you know which one to choose 59ce067264


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