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[S6E5] A Tale Of Two Bandits ~REPACK~

Thankfully, Jake's juvenile streak pays off in spades while they're staking out a hotel looking for a thief. And it's got nothing to do with Adam Sandler's weirdly sock-obsessed cameo. During a discussion about the interview, Jake compares Amy to Iago, a two-faced character from "Othello," Shakespeare's classic tale of betrayal. She's pleasantly surprised that he's read it, because, you know, it's Jake. And Shakespeare. All of this leads to an absolute beauty from her partner: "What the hell is 'Othello?' I'm calling you the parrot from 'Aladdin!'"

[S6E5] A Tale of Two Bandits

The group of walkers meander down the highway when the same bandits from earlier show up and randomly shoot them like fish in a barrel. The leader recognizes Nick but fumbles with his gun, causing a walker to reach him and eat him (really, dude??). Later, the walkers move on and three survivors notice Nick trailing among them, exhausted. The girl, Luciana, instructs them to leave him but her friend pleads with her to save him. 041b061a72


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