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Manual Theodolite App [HOT]

A total station (TS) or total station theodolite (TST) is an electronic/optical instrument used for surveying and building construction. It is an electronic transit theodolite integrated with electronic distance measurement (EDM) to measure both vertical and horizontal angles and the slope distance from the instrument to a particular point, and an on-board computer to collect data and perform triangulation calculations.[1]

Manual Theodolite App

Use the laser rangefinder measurement values (Azimuth/bearing, slope distance, horizontal distance, vertical distance and inclination) to calculate an offset point from a known reference point. Reference point can be set using GPS, established feature point, manually enter coordinates or map tap. Once could also capture/measure lines, curves and polygons as an offset function. Also include a feature to capture height and pt to pt measurements from the laser rangefinder measurement routines. This will increase your productivity and safety since you don't need to physically occupy the locations you have to record.

We use a TruPulse range finder to quickly collect information about tree height and to measure distances for laying out restoration planting projects. It would be great if the device which has bluetooth and can connect to our tablet could also pass data directly to Collector instead of having to manually enter it after the device reports the data.

We too use a TruPulse rangefinder that we previously used with ArcPad. We really miss the ability to "throw" a point on an opposing ridgeline to look for references that tie to our Gigapan imagery collection. Please allow this to happen without getting the data manually from another app. We use a combination of iOS and Androids.

Eos Positioning Systems offers a laser mapping solution built for Collector on iOS. It was developed by Eos for its user community of Arrow receivers and uses mainly the TruPulse 200x from LTI (because of its iOS compatibility). There is no manual data entry, except for the standard Distance/Azimuth/Inclination method where a manual input of azimuth is required (since the Trupulse 200X does not feature a built-in compass).

And also for farmers, gardeners, construction companies, and pilots. With this program, agricultural, construction, and other work on measurement and planning will not take as much time as if it was done manually.

Below is a very nice website from NOAA to calculate your current magnetic declination. Worse case, find out what the declination is at your location and apply the correction manually. At my location in southern California the current magnetic declination is 12 degrees east, but over time the magnetic poles move so it may change a little from year to year. In fact, right now the northern magnetic pole is moving at a nearly unprecedented rate which has some scientists a little concerned (since this MAY presage a flip in the magnetic poles).

There is also a payed upgrade ($6) to an app called SpyGlass that has even more features, including (apparently) a built-in catalog of stars that can be displayed/located by the app and the ability to enter custom stars (which I guess could be any object by R.A. and Dec.). There is also a complete manual which seems pretty detailed (it's 44 pages long).

Here is a screenshot from the SpyGlass manual that shows the catalog of stars that can be used to either point to the star or to determine your bearing/location. This feature is only available in SpyGlass, the free Commander Compass only plots the sun and moon.

This is a illustration depicting David White 6061, 47 andearly Warren-Knight models 47, 474 and 84 etc. Pibal Theodolites. A few units werealso produced in the 1940's by Seiler Instruments under contract. The illustrationand units mentioned above differ slightly from the current Warren-Knight production unitsin the style of the battery case. See the Pibal Modelspages located on this site for for information on the variants of theodolites that aresimilar to this one as well as some interesting others.

Note that Warren Knight also makes a digital unit that looks quite a bit different thanthis one. Other digital theodolites as well as currently marketed balloon theodolites arefeatured on the Manufacturer's Pages on this site.

The Leica LDT-05 Digital Electronic Theodolite is a technologically advanced instrument for measuring angles and slope, offering excellent features at a great price. This theodolite offers a measuring angle of five-second accuracy and a three-second telescope resolving power. With a 30x magnification, it is ideal for mapping applications, determining elevation differences, setting out curves and similar jobs.

I am getting sharp photos of Venus under the Pleiades right out of the box! Stars were round and sharp with this set-up:70 to 300mm telephoto, camera set to bulb at 3 to 10 seconds, 1600ASA equivalent, mirror lock set, cable shutter remote, manual focus, Omegon Mount with camera ball mount and star finder scope top plate set to my latitude subtracted from 90 degrees measured by iPad Theodolite app and clock speed checked by FrequencyMeter app. After setting proper angle of the LX2, the base of the tripod was slued to Polaris and fine adjustments made to center the North Star to the center of the finder scope using the tripod altitude and azimuth adjustment knobs. All the locking screws on the tripod and LX2 except for the ball mount were tightened. This is perfect for exposures of up to 10 seconds and possibly a lot longer but the skies above Los Angeles are very light polluted and become too washed out at over 15 seconds. The LX2 is very transportable and a lot easier to use for astrophotography than my small 6 inch reflector and worth every penny (or farthing as the case may be)! Wish I could share the first photo!!!

The movie theodolite method utilizes a movie camera that is used to record other data, such as time and azimuth, in addition to filming the airplane. In onboard theodolite method, a camera is mounted on the airplane to obtain three-axis position information. Runway lights and other objects on or along the runway of known size are used with photogrammetric techniques and perspective geometry to obtain airplane position and altitude.

Free Sokkisha Ts20a Manual Theodolite -freesokkisha ts20a manual theodolite - Direct Download 6778 dl's @ 3382KB/s.Lietz Set2 pdf Download - PDF Search EngineWednesday, June06 15/ +sokkisha+ts20a+manual+theodolite/

Lietz Transits & Theodolites Surveying Gear Bargains-Lietz Transits & Theodolites Lietz transits and theodolitesfor sale here, includingvintage sight levels and usedunits. -transits-theodolites/lietz-transits-theodolites

Dt6 manual sokkia - pkpgkibgxl - -SOKKIA SOKKISHATHEODOLITE DT6 SURVEYING CALIBRATEDSURVEYOR WITH STAND SOKKIASokkia dt6 manual PDF results. our history.the origin of sokkiacorporation -manual-sokkia/13618906

=1&itmpg=1&itm_id=1241485 :// +sokkisha+ts20a+manual+theodolite/ -transits-theodolites/lietz-transits-theodolites -transits-theodolites/lietz-transits-theodolites -manual-sokkia/13618906

Digital and Electronic Theodolites for Sale - Tiger Supplies -Ifyou want to measure precise vertical and horizontal angles, atheodolite is theright tool for the job! Digital theodolites use arotating telescope that enables -Equipment/Theodolites.aspx

Sokkisha Theodolite T 60D Instruction Manual -SOKKISHATHEODOLITE T-60D INSTRUCTION MANUAL SURVEYOR in eBay Mouse over toZoom-Click toenlarge -THEODOLITE-T-60D-INSTRUCTION-MANUAL-SURVEYOR-/361330088279Electronicdigital theodolite Sokkia DT 5 - -Theodolite Sokkia DT 5 issupplied with the origin box, equipped also with englishmanual, sunvisor and plumbbob. =1268

CR4 - Thread: Theodolite use WILD T16 vs SOKKISHA -I recentlywon a SOKKISHA TM6 theodolite in auction. It did not come withamanual. I have a swiss made WILD T16 which I understand how tousecompletely and use it -use-WILD-T16-vs-SOKKISHA-TM6LietzTheodolite Manual -Lietz Theodolite Manual Sokkisha InstructionManual compiled pdf, doc, pptDownload Lietz Sokkisha Owners ManualPdf Book and User 9.61 MB: 3: 284:Lietz

When you need highest performance on all levels even under most challenging conditions, the Carlson Zoom50 series Total Station is the perfect choice for you. With the proven accXess technology, the Zoom50 features an intelligent distance measurement engine designed for outstanding range, speed and highest accuracy even under tough conditions. The longer measurement range means a wider operational coverage and significant less time lost with switching setups. All this in combination with the extra wide color touchscreen, built in Bluetooth, USB memory stick support and featured application package including even advanced functionalities makes the Zoom50 the true flagship of the Carlson manual total station family.

With its lightweight design the Zoom25 manual total station will help you get the job done.A fast, simple and flexible data transfer is ensured by the incorporated RS232, USB and Bluetooth technology.With its included powerful application package, intuitive operation, on a large, high resolution display, combined with an extra-long battery life, the Zoom25 makes you more productive than ever before.GeoMax Zoom 50 Series Total StationsWhen you need highest performance on all levels even under most challenging conditions, the GeoMax Zoom50 series is the perfect choice for you. The longer measurement range means a wider operational coverage and significant less time lost with switching setups. The new PowerLock protection mechanism prevents use by unauthorized persons and deters theft. In combination with the wider color touchscreen, inbuilt Bluetooth, USB memory stick support, the Zoom50 is a highly capable total station. 041b061a72


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