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NBA 2K20 APK for iOS and Android: The Ultimate Guide to Playing with Your Favorite NBA Teams and Players

NBA 2K20 APK for iOS: How to Download and Play

If you are a fan of basketball games, you might have heard of NBA 2K20, one of the most popular and realistic sports simulation games on the market. NBA 2K20 is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Games, and it features best-in-class graphics, gameplay, game modes, and player control. You can play as your favorite NBA teams and players, or create your own custom character and rise to fame in various stories and challenges.

NBA 2K20 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS devices. However, if you want to play NBA 2K20 on your iPhone or iPad, you might encounter some difficulties. That's because the official version of NBA 2K20 for iOS is not yet released on the App Store, and you need to find an alternative way to download and install it.

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One of the methods that some people use is to download an APK file of NBA 2K20 from an external source and install it on their iOS device. An APK file is an Android Package file that contains all the necessary data and code to run an app on an Android device. But can you run an APK file on an iOS device? And if so, how do you do it? In this article, we will answer these questions and show you how to download and play NBA 2K20 APK for iOS.

Features and Gameplay of NBA 2K20

New Game Modes and Stories

NBA 2K20 comes with a variety of new game modes and updated features that make it more fun and engaging than ever before. Some of these game modes are:

  • MyCareer: This is the main story mode of NBA 2K20, where you create your own player and follow his journey from college to the NBA. You can choose from five different stories, each with its own characters, challenges, and rewards. You can also interact with other players online and join forces or compete against them.

  • MyTeam: This is the mode where you build your own dream team by collecting cards of different players, coaches, jerseys, arenas, etc. You can play various modes within MyTeam, such as Domination, Triple Threat, Unlimited, Challenges, etc. You can also trade, auction, and buy cards with other players online.

  • Run The Streets: This is a new mode introduced in NBA 2K20, where you can take your MyPlayer to the streets and compete in 3-on-3 matches with different rules and venues. You can also join events and tournaments to earn rewards and rank up your player.

Improved Graphics and Soundtrack

NBA 2K20 boasts of stunning graphics and animations that make the game look and feel more realistic than ever. The players, the courts, the crowds, the lighting, the shadows, everything is enhanced and optimized to create a immersive visual experience. You can also notice the subtle details and expressions of the players, such as their sweat, their emotions, their tattoos, their hairstyles, etc.

NBA 2K20 also features a dynamic soundtrack that adapts to the game mode and the situation. The soundtrack includes new songs from various genres and artists, such as Drake, Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Travis Scott, Meek Mill, etc. You can also customize your own playlist and listen to your favorite tracks while playing.

Realistic Player Control and Customization

NBA 2K20 gives you more control and freedom over your player than ever before. You can use the new dribbling, shooting, and sprinting mechanics to create your own style and moves on the court. You can also use the advanced controls to perform signature skills and abilities of different players, such as step-backs, fadeaways, crossovers, etc.

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NBA 2K20 also allows you to create and edit your own player with a variety of options and features. You can customize your player's appearance, attributes, skills, badges, animations, accessories, etc. You can also choose your player's position, height, weight, wingspan, etc. You can even scan your own face using the NBA 2K20 app and import it to the game.

How to Install NBA 2K20 APK on iOS Devices

Find the IPA Equivalent of the APK File

As mentioned earlier, iOS devices cannot run APK files directly. APK files are designed for Android devices only. Therefore, you need to find the IPA equivalent of the NBA 2K20 APK file. An IPA file is an iOS Application file that contains all the necessary data and code to run an app on an iOS device.

However, finding the IPA file of NBA 2K20 is not easy. That's because NBA 2K20 is not officially released on the App Store yet, and you need to find a third-party source that provides the IPA file. You need to be careful when choosing a source, as some of them might be fake or malicious. You need to make sure that the source is reliable and trustworthy before downloading anything from it.

One of the sources that we recommend is [NBA 2K20 IPA Download]. This is a website that claims to offer the IPA file of NBA 2K20 for free. You can visit this website and follow the instructions to download the IPA file of NBA 2K20 on your iOS device.

Use Cydia Impactor to Install the IPA File

Once you have downloaded the IPA file of NBA 2K20 on your iOS device, you need to use a tool called Cydia Impactor to install it. Cydia Impactor is a program that allows you to sideload apps on your iOS device without jailbreaking it. You can use Cydia Impactor to install any IPA file on your iOS device without any hassle.

To use Cydia Impactor to install NBA 2K20 IPA on your iOS device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download Cydia Impactor from [here] and install it on your computer.

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.

  • Open Cydia Impactor and drag and drop the NBA 2K20 IPA file onto it.

  • Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted. This is required to sign the app with a valid certificate.

  • Wait for Cydia Impactor to install NBA 2K20 IPA on your iOS device.

  • Once done, disconnect your iOS device from your computer.

Launch NBA 2K20 and Enjoy

After installing NBA 2K20 IPA on your iOS device using Cydia Impactor, you are almost ready to play it. However, before launching the game, you need to do one more thing. You need to trust the app developer on your iOS device. This is to prevent any security issues or errors when running the app. To trust the app developer on your iOS device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management on your iOS device.

  • Find the profile that matches the Apple ID you used to sign the app with Cydia Impactor.

  • Tap on the profile and then tap on Trust.

  • Confirm your action by tapping on Trust again.

Now, you can launch NBA 2K20 from your home screen and enjoy playing it on your iOS device. You can access all the features and game modes of NBA 2K20 without any restrictions or limitations. You can also update the game whenever a new version is available from the same source.

Pros and Cons of Installing NBA 2K20 APK on iOS Devices


Installing NBA 2K20 APK on iOS devices has some advantages that might appeal to some users. Some of these advantages are:

  • Accessing the game before its official release: By installing NBA 2K20 APK on your iOS device, you can play the game before it is officially released on the App Store. This way, you can enjoy the game ahead of other users and get a first-hand experience of its features and gameplay.

  • Getting free updates: By installing NBA 2K20 APK on your iOS device, you can get free updates for the game without paying any extra money. You can download the latest version of the game from the same source and install it using Cydia Impactor. You can also avoid any in-app purchases or subscriptions that might be required for the official version of the game.

Having more control and customization: By installing NBA 2K20 APK on your iOS device, you can have more control and customization over the game settings and options. You can tweak the game performance, graphics, sound, etc. according to your preferences and device specifications. You can also use m


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