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Starship Troopers(1997)

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Starship Troopers(1997)

The film was also characterized by a conspicuous absence of anything resembling Heinlein's mechanized Mobile Infantry; troopers wore an unpowered ensemble which seemed to differ only slightly from modern-day army gear instead of wearing the Powered armor as seen in the novel due to the budget limitation and limited CGI animation technology.[6] Troopers' main weapon, Morita Assault Rifles, were near-identical to modern day firearms, although humans were depicted as having fleets of starships, while the nuclear rockets would produce fallout that could seriously put the lives of the unprotected soldiers in danger. Nevertheless, the Mobile Infantry trooper fought as unsupported light infantry for most of the movie being unable to call on armor, artillery, air, or space support, all while moving mainly under their own motive power and using projectile ammunition fired using an explosive charge, with advances as trivial as caseless ammunition ignored or forgotten. A substantial portion of the soldiers' anatomy was left unprotected, and what little armor was present seemed to be of little use. Critics and fans of the film often comment on how tanks and armored vehicles are never used, in such a (supposedly) high-tech force. 59ce067264


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