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Download !NEW! IOS 13.3.1 For IPhone 6s Model IPhone8...

First off, put your iphone 8 in recovery mode by holding the power and volume down buttons. You need to have your phone connected to your mac before you do that. After puting your phone in recovery mode, itunes will come up notifying you that you have your device in recovery mode. Select restore. Then download and install, in the resolting dilog box. Then agree to the terms. This will take time, as iOS downloads in this process. After the download completes, your phone restarts. Upon that finishing, then you either set it up as new, or restore from a backup, either on your mac, or from icloud.Hope this helps,Daniel

Download iOS 13.3.1 for iPhone 6s model iPhone8...

I finally broke down and updated my iPhone 7 and iPad pro 9.7 from the old ios 12.4.1 from august 2019 to this new ios 13.3.1 today. I havent heard anything lately about ios 13 no more so that why I finally decided to go ahead and did the update. But they were around 2 -3 GB on both device instead of the 646.5 MB for the download size

Many iPhone and iPad owners will feel that Apple still has some way to go to make iOS 13/iPadOS 13 the solid and stable version of firmware that they believe it should be. However, like all of the major and minor releases before it, iOS/iPadOS 13.3.1 is yet another step toward reaching that stable nirvana. It also means that all compatible device owners have another release to download and more improvements to sink their teeth into.

Worked on with iphone SE (first gen) 14.2 --> iphone SE (first gen) 13.6, except for sms/imessages. Those were subsequently recovered by turning on icloud on both devices, turning sync messages to on, and giving the devices time to sync/download the messages (this takes several hours).

I'm trying to restore my backup from iphone 7plus(iOS 13.3.1) to iPhone 8(iOS 13.4.1).I was getting the error message while progressing the restoring process. The message is 'iTunes could not restore the iPhone "iPhone" because the backup was corrupt.'

On that page, you will find link to the specific iOS version for your particular device. For example, on the final iOS download page, you will find links for separate IPSWs for various models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Simply click on the link and your download will begin instantly. 041b061a72


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