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Where To Buy Toboggan

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Where To Buy Toboggan

The slide got its start in 1935 when the Civilian Conservation Corps Company 556 built a wooden toboggan run for their own fun. The first run had a huge curve halfway down and then, near the inn, curved toward Lake James. The next year, the track was straightened to increase speed. In 1938, Company 556 erected a taller tower of about 20 feet. A second track was added in 1940.

In my lifetime I have used all kinds of sleds: snow tubes, wooden toboggans, old-school runner sleds. I grew up at the end of a 2-mile-long dirt road in Vermont, and when I was little, we had at least three distinct sledding hills near our house, one of them being an extended, rundown 2 acres of field that ended abruptly at a tree line. I would often spend all day sledding, eat dinner, then sled again until bedtime using the floodlights from the barn or just the moonlight. I now have four kids of my own, and going out with them for an afternoon of sledding might be my favorite way to spend a winter day.

The FUNBOY Cardigan Snow Toboggan is the perfect sled for backyard snow play and downhill action this winter. FUNBOY reinvented the classic toboggan style snow sled to create an ultra-portable yet durable inflatable sled for hours of fun. Quick inflation and deflation.

Condition: Very good, decorative; sleddable/usable This toboggan has its original Northland Logo and looks like its never crashed into a tree! Minty... as one of our favorite antique dealer friends likes to say. Classic design and look. Very decorative for cabin decor or as a ski condo accessory. Still VERY usable.

Every other year, we make the drive to Angola, Indiana to spend the weekend with our friends and their kids. One of the highlights of the trip for our families is the mile toboggan run. The track is refrigerated so it operates whether there is snow or not, from Thanksgiving through February.

All of our children have been toboggan riders since they were very young. Lulu went for the first time when she was 20 months old. This year, Quinn was 2 1/2 years old and she refused to stop riding, even though the temperatures were in the single digits!

Enjoy all the splendor and delights of the winter season in Pajar's Toboggan 2.0 boot. Cozy, waterproof and lined with a plush wool blend that insulates even when wet. The upper is entirely seam-sealed and comfort rated to -30 C (-22 F) to keep your feet snug all winter long. The signature Pajar Canada lightweight toboggan traction lug sole with 1-inch platform and 1.5-inch heel will get you through icy streets in style keeping you surefooted all the while. Our premium removable comfort molded insole features a cushy wool blend that is both breathable and anti-microbial. The waterproof leather upper has been pre-treated to repel water and stains.

Ever so appealing poly contributes to the health of the environment. Poly lumber is made of recycled plastics, making this stylish furniture material even more sought after. Select a toboggan that can withstand the elements and stay bright and strong year after year. The perfect gift for any kid in the family as well as Dad who loves to fly down the hill along with the kids, these attractive outdoor toys are a must have.

Anyone who already knows what he or she wants can of course also conveniently use our online shop for sleds, toboggans and accessories. Here you can also get an overview of the entire range and have the selected product conveniently delivered to your home. In our sleigh shop we also have some models that we do not produce ourselves, but are made by our partners.

When it comes to winter activities, tubing and sledding are always a family favorite. A day playing in the snow is a free way to enjoy the outdoors while giving your legs a break from skiing. Grab your toboggan, saucer or any slider or glider of your choice and get ready for a fun day of sledding at the local sledding hill.

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