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Dr. Cyclops YIFY

A bizarre medical exam of a nude woman by several doctors and scientists reveal that their latest subject has committed suicide before giving birth to one of the mutant creatures they had placed within her body.So an investigative crew of scientists along with a large human mutant cyclops creature head out to the city streets to obtain a new donor/victim in the form of a young girl.I have seen "Cyclops" under the title "The Unborn".I don't speak Japanese,so the plot mostly went beyond me.But there are some crazy gore scenes in this late 80's slimy horror.If you dig Japanese gore flicks like "Biotherapy" or "Guinea Pig" series check this one out.6 out of 10.

Dr. Cyclops YIFY

Hard for me to rate a film like CYCLOPS (aka THE UNBORN as it's also called on my HK copy...)-because it's a Japanese film with no subs/dubs and I really couldn't follow what was happening at all. All I could gather (and even this little bit that I think I understood could be way off...)-was that some scientists are doing weird experiments on people that have something to do with implanting weird things in pregnant women. There's also this strange guy that's dresses like The Terminator who apparently is some kind of one-eyed freak mutant. I'm guessing he's the 'cyclops'. How any of this related into the grand scheme of the film-I'm honestly not sure...I doubt that being able to understand the storyline of CYCLOPS would have made much difference to me-but I could be wrong, so I'm going to have to go with a middle-of-the- road rating. There were some decent slimy/splattery scenes towards the end-but even at a scant 53 minutes, it felt like the film went on too long. There's not much out there that I can compare this one too-except perhaps other weird low-budget J-splatter fare such as BIOTHERAPY or maybe ORGAN-two other films that also didn't do much for me. If you dig odd-ball Japanese splatter-you may get something from this one. It's not super-gory or anything-but it's got one or two weird scenes and also seems to be relatively rare as I can't seem to dig up a lot of info on it. My main suggestion would be to try to find a copy with subs/dubs so you can at least follow along with the story while waiting for the 'pay-off' scenes which come in the last 10 or so minutes. Maybe worth a look to fans of weird/rare films-a definite 'pass' for anyone else. 4/10

@yify: Hey yifi! Mkay, as much as it pains me to say it, I think doom can shrug off most matter manipulation with his magically and technologically enhanced armor. I still say team 2, but soley from doom's contribution. Ultron gets warped into recyclable adamantium. 041b061a72


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