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Rush Magazine Thailand: A Guide to the Land of Smiles

Rush Magazine Thailand: A Guide to the Land of Smiles

Rush Magazine Thailand is a popular online publication that covers various topics related to Thailand, such as culture, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. The magazine is available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free from their website. In this article, we will explore some of the highlights of the latest issue of Rush Magazine Thailand, which is number 83.

Camping in Queensland

One of the featured stories in this issue is about camping in Queensland, Australia. The article describes the experience of some of the riders on the Tour of Thailand 2011, who decided to camp at Mt. Kincaid, a state campsite that has 300,000 visitors a year and gets booked out six months in advance. The article shares some of the challenges and joys of camping in a tropical environment, such as dealing with insects, wildlife, weather, and other campers. The article also provides some tips and advice on how to plan and prepare for a camping trip in Queensland.

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Bangkok vs Chiang Mai

Another interesting story in this issue is about the comparison between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, two of the most popular destinations for young travelers in Thailand. The article contrasts the different aspects of these two cities, such as their culture, nightlife, attractions, food, and people. The article also gives some recommendations on what to do and see in each city, depending on your preferences and budget. The article concludes that both Bangkok and Chiang Mai have something unique and appealing to offer, and that it is worth visiting both of them if you have the time and opportunity.

The History and Politics of Thailand

The third story in this issue is about the history and politics of Thailand, a country that has undergone many changes and challenges over the centuries. The article traces the origins of Thailand as a kingdom in 1782 under King Rama I, who unified the region of Siam after buying it from its Burmese rulers. The article then follows the evolution of Thailand's monarchy and government through different periods of prosperity and turmoil, such as the golden age under King Rama IV, the constitutional reforms under King Rama VII, the military coups and protests under various prime ministers, and the current situation under King Rama X. The article also explains some of the unique features of Thailand's political system, such as its constitutional monarchy, its judicial reforms, and its lack of a written constitution.

Medical Cannabis in Thailand

The last story in this issue is about medical cannabis in Thailand, a topic that has gained attention and controversy in recent years. The article reports on the current status and regulations of medical cannabis in Thailand, which was legalized in 2018 for patients with certain conditions. The article also details the process and cost of applying for a medical cannabis permit, which requires approval from the Centers for Plant Diseases Control and Ministry of Public Health. The article also mentions some of the challenges and opportunities that medical cannabis presents for Thailand, such as its potential economic benefits, its social stigma, and its legal risks.


Rush Magazine Thailand is a great source of information and entertainment for anyone who is interested in Thailand or plans to visit it. The magazine covers a wide range of topics that showcase the diversity and beauty of this country. You can download the latest issue of Rush Magazine Thailand (number 83) for free from their website: 29c81ba772


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