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Mason Morgan The Serial Killer Collection By ...

He was the "Werewolf" serial killer who murdered numerous women, and incriminated other men to take the fall while he taunted the police. Mason met his end when he was confronted by LAPD Detectives Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway, but due to being related to a sibling in politics, Garrett's identity was kept secret from the public.

Mason Morgan The Serial Killer Collection by ...

Mason worked as an agency temporary bartender for various bars throughout Los Angeles. However, his work as a bartender was a cover for his career as the "Werewolf" serial killer, more infamously known as the "Black Dahlia Killer". Mason was the one who killed Elizabeth Short, the infamous and unsolved "Black Dahlia" murder of 1947. 6 months later, Mason resumed his grisly string of murders during LAPD Detectives Cole Phelps' and Rusty Galloway's time in the Homicide Department.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Dexter Morgan are two of the most celebrated serial killer characters in film and/or television. Each character is strong, skilled, and intelligent, with specific skillsets, and unique professions in forensics: Hannibal a former psychologist, and Dexter a blood spatter expert. A showdown between both professional killers would be the ultimate match-up. Who would come out on top?

The key difference between both serial killers is that Dexter only goes after and kills bad people, such as murderers, rapists, criminals, and other serial killers who are responsible for taking the lives of the innocent. Hannibal kills both good and bad people. However, Hannibal kills mostly when necessary, especially those who pose a major threat towards him (police officers), or enemies who seek vengeance towards him for past misdeeds (Mason Verger).

It was through Lady Murasaki that Hannibal, at a young age, learned how to do martial arts and fight with a sword. Hannibal's hand-to-hand fighting skills are also heavily displayed in the NBC TV series with Mads Mikkelsen, in which he takes down numerous serial killers being pursued by Graham and the FBI (led by Jack Crawford). When Crawford discovers that Hannibal is a serial killer, both men have an intense fight sequence, with Crawford almost coming out on top.

Hannibal and Dexter are both very skilled with knives, sharp objects, and other common objects like pens. Dexter is also efficient in martial arts and hand-to-hand fights, thanks in large part to his father, Harry Morgan, who taught Dexter how to defend himself but didn't expect him to become a serial killer. While Dexter is usually careful about keeping his secret identity hidden, there have been a few who've exposed him, including the muscular and foul-mouthed Sergeant James Doakes, who clearly recognized that Dexter was more than a blood spatter expert, and discovered his killer side behind the friendly persona. Doakes gives Dexter some tough fights, but Dex, like Hannibal, always defends himself and beats his opponents.

Both serial killers also have quite the appetite when it comes to eating delicious, protein-filled recipes, of course mostly involving meat since they're carnivores. Hannibal enjoys meals such as lamb chops with wine and is always fancy with his food, whether he's serving it at his home to other guests, or in prison. One of Hannibal's more grotesque meals was cooking pieces of police officer Paul Krendler's brain and serving it to him and FBI agent Clarice Starling in the 2001 film sequel, Hannibal, with Anthony Hopkins in the title role.

Viewers have become entranced with the anti-hero. Male characters such as the serial killer Dexter Morgan, mob boss Tony Soprano, high-school chemistry teacher turned meth cook Walter White, and diabolical politician Frank Underwood challenge viewers to question the actions and morals of arguably likeable lead characters. These shows are well-written, superbly acted and extremely violent. However, as evidenced by the vitriolic backlash toward the character of Skyler White, which was so pervasive it prompted actress Anna Gunn to write a 2013 op-ed piece for the New York Times, female anti-hero characters are held to different standards than male characters particularly when the women are mothers. This research centers on an in-depth analysis of the representation of motherhood in the television series Breaking Bad. The character of Skylar White presents alternative representations of womens power and agency while challenging dominant narratives of motherhood. Skylar is complicit in her husbands illegal activities and actively launders his drug money but she believes these actions are justified because they are in service of protecting her family. A critical analysis of Skylar White provides a means to understand and challenge traditional messages about mothering and to deconstruct the structures that regulate and police motherhood boundaries. Feminist television scholars have resisted simplified analysis focusing instead on ways that television can both present misogynist images and be a site of empowerment. My analysis therefore centers on how televised depictions of outlaw mothers challenge dominant good mother ideologies while additionally deconstructing the means through which Breaking Bad reinforces normative definitions of motherhood and by extension patriarchy.

The new series of Dexter will reintroduce the charming serial killer with a code, Dexter Morgan, who is now living alone in upstate New York and working at the quaint Fred's Fish & Game as a sales associate. The series will also introduce a new villain for Dexter to contend with in the form of Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, the unofficial mayor of the small town of Iron Lake. Powerful, generous, loved by everyone - he's a true man of the people, but should you never make the mistake of crossing Kurt, or hurting anyone that he cares for, or he will make you pay.

When the leads run dry on a serial killer case, FBI Agent Merriwether (Morgan) calls in old friend and psychic Clancy (Hopkins) to help Joe's psychologist partner Cowles (Cornish) crack the case. Dusty and lifeless thriller, mildly entertaining mostly when Farrell is on screen; the final twist can be seen for miles.

The stellar first season of True Detective focuses on tracking a deranged serial killer who abducts women and children, tortures, rapes and ultimately murders them and then displays them in creepy, ritualistic poses as part of the Tuttle cult in Louisiana.

Many TV series have killers, such as Law and Order, Criminal Minds, CSI, and even Monk, but the Showtime series DEXTER is about a serial killer who is the main (and title) character - Dexter Morgan.

Not just Dexter gets the spotlight. This article also provides information on other killers, victims, and methods. The big serial killers such as The Ice Truck Killer, The Skinner, and The Trinity Killer are featured, alongside other murderers, such as Boyd Fowler and Nurse Mary.

When Dexter was young, his adoptive father, Homicide Detective Harry Morgan, recognized that he was a budding psychopath. Harry enlisted the help of Dr. Evelyn Vogel in creating a code for Dexter to live by that would prevent him from being caught, or killing innocent people. Unlike most serial killers, Dexter has rarely intended to kill an innocent person and would never harm a child.

Sometime in the 1970s, Teddy ran a doomsday cult while working as a mortician. His goal was to bring an end to every living person and, while insane, was extremely convincing and able to sway people to join his cause. He was also a serial killer hunted by John Dorie Sr. who embalmed his victims to keep them from "moving on in the afterlife". Teddy operated out of a secret bunker, ultimately killing at least twenty-three women and posing their bodies in the locations that he had kidnapped them from. When John eventually caught up to Teddy, he lacked the evidence to put him in prison for his crimes so he planted evidence framing Teddy, the purse of his last victim. Teddy eventually confessed to all twenty-three murders. Teddy was convicted for his crimes and sentenced to death. He would then spend over 20 years behind bars on death row.

Teddy appears in pictures and old newspaper articles in John Dorie Sr.'s RV. John reveals that Teddy the cult leader and the serial killer that he had hunted in the 1970s are the same person and he is currently hunting him down.

John is shown to have had an obsession with Teddy going back to when he first hunted the insane serial killer over forty years ago in the 1970s. John went so far as to plant Cindy Hawkins' purse on Teddy in order to be able to arrest him, but even when they got a confession and a conviction, John was unable to let it go with his guilt over his actions causing John to abandon both his job and his family. John would also be haunted by his inability to find the body of Cindy Hawkins, something that he had promised her mother that he would do for her.

  • Bloody FacePortrayed byZachary Quinto (as Oliver Thredson)

  • Dylan McDermott (as Johnny Morgan)

  • also portrayed byTroy Castaneda

  • AHStories

  • DetailsSpeciesHumanOccupationSerial KillerCause of deathOliver Thredson:January 12, 1965 in Wausaukee County, MassachusettsShot in the head by Lana Winters

  • Johnny Morgan:2012Shot in the head by Lana Winters

  • RelationshipsOliver Thredson (first identity, 1960s)

  • Johnny Morgan (second identity, 2012)

  • Kit Walker (suspect)

  • Lana Winters (both-times killer)

  • Satan (fan)

  • Devon (copycat)

  • Cooper (copycat)

  • Wendy Peyser (victim)

  • Leo Morrison (victim)

  • Teresa Morrison (victim)

  • AppearancesWelcome to Briarcliff

  • Tricks and Treats

  • Nor'easter

  • I Am Anne Frank: Part 2

  • The Origins of Monstrosity

  • Dark Cousin

  • Unholy Night

  • The Coat Hanger

  • The Name Game

  • Spilt Milk

  • Continuum

  • Madness Ends

  • Chapter 10[1]

  • Game Over[2]

  • Asylum

  • American Horror Stories

  • Roanoke

Bloody Face is the alter ego of a male serial killer that began a reign of terror in the early '60s. It is a character in Asylum primarily portrayed by Zachary Quinto (as Oliver Thredson);Dylan McDermott (as Johnny Morgan). 041b061a72


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